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Park Trail (jpg, 72 Kb)
Inspired by a real place in Moscow park "Bitsa".
There are four light sources in the scene: yellow-orange sun, slightly blue ambient and parallel light from sky, and greenish back light. Sky and Sun lights have shadow maps. Tree trunks use compound material that mixes moss and lichen to regular bark texture. Foliage also uses compound material, that makes leaves "shine through" when they are not in shadow. The trail is shaded by compound material as well. Finally, there is layered two color fog that adds some depth to the tree crowns.The image was slightly blurred for better jpg compression. The image was posted at 3D Cafe Gallery in 1999. Software: World Builder 2.x.

The image (jpg, 195Kb) appeared on the cover of CADALYST (September 1998) magazine. Terrain surface was generated from a DEM file imported to World Builder. Composition with mesh rendering done in Photoshop.

Alpine Road (jpg, 403Kb) The road shows masked vegetation growing through pavement. Another feature is "planar cracks" - procedural cracks filled with snow on the rock surface.

On a Forest Trail (jpg 176 Kb) A beautiful model of Wysteria created by Mehndi (from Poser Pros) placed into World Builder environment using Poser-file plugin. The plugin allows to load Poser file with animation directly into WB bypassing export phase. The original image was rendered in poster resolution using mozaic (split) rendering feature.

Oak (jpg, 211Kb) L-System based model of oak rendered in World Builder. Demonstrates use of compound materials, multiple light sources and depth cueing with volume light and fog.

back all images (c) Digital Element Inc. and Igor Borovikov