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Bonsai. Image rendered in Maya when testing port of World Builder L-Systems to SGI. The very first version of L-Systems generator on SGI would generate mel script that would recreate complete tree geometry with fully skinned and bounded skeleton. The tree would be wind-animatable. Apparently the resulting model was quite heavy.

Steppe. Volumetric clouds test. The clouds use L-System generated "plants" with blurred version of "fuzzy cell" foliage element. Later version of World Builder used different technology for 3D clouds.

Cypress. A tree inspired by Roger Dean paintings. The paintings itself were inspired by Point Lobos kind of cypress trees growing on rocks near the water. (I haven't been to Point Lobos yet when doing this image...)

Desert. Vegetation and grass scattered using different methods.

Willows. L-System based trees.

Mojave. Another desert, no vegetation this time. DEM file from vicinty of Las Vegas textured with a variety of techniques.

back all images (c) Digital Element Inc. and Igor Borovikov