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On a beach.[warning: nudity] A still frame (720x480, jpg, 502Kb) from animation (avi, 1.9Mb). The girl model was created by Mehndi (from Poser Pros) and was imported into World Builder with animation from Poser. That allowed to render model as if it was native WB object with consistent lighting, reflections and shadow.

Desert sunset. 2D plants from Real World Imagery scattered and rendered in World Builder. New sky model with clouds photometry.

Lonely Rider. 2D flipboard rider and a tree created with the new tool I developed for WB3.0. The tool allows to draw tree skeleton in 3D, bend, copy/paste etc branches, add foliage and much more. The tool was intended to simplify creation of vegetation and replace L-Systems as much as possible.

Islands. Yet another sunset with new sky and water model.

Sunset. More atmospherics and water effects. Notice beam of lights that were rendered as volumetric effect.

Cold river. Frames from animation. New sky and water models.

Alien Moon. An image rendered from a scene created for WB3.0 libraries. Procedural textuing of the planet was done with compound materials and separate layer for clouds.

back all images (c) Digital Element Inc. and Igor Borovikov